Updated on 12th December, 2023


This policy aims to promptly deactivate inactive MOCO accounts to reduce the risk of unauthorized access and thwart potential fraud. Additionally, it provides customers with essential guidelines on disabling their wallet accounts.


  • This policy outlines the procedures for handling a MOCO account with no activity over an extended period, whether due to consecutive months of inactivity or voluntary/involuntary user-initiated account disablement.
  • An inactive status is assigned to a MOCO account that shows no activity for six months. Additionally, a dormant status is applied to an account that lacks transactions within the last consecutive months, with the dormant period lasting for 12 months from the day the account was marked inactive.
  • A MOCO account will be disabled if it remains inactive for 18 months from the date it was marked dormant.
  • Users have the option to request account disablement by sending an email to from their registered email address, stating their MOCO ID and the reason for deletion. The MOCO Support team will then reach out to facilitate the account’s disablement.

Data Retention

In accordance with regulatory requirements of the Central Bank of Nepal, transactions and other information for the MOCO account shall be retained.