Fees and Charges

MOCO offers most of the services without any additional charges until the present date. All the payments via the MOCO app are free except for traffic fine payments. The fee of Rs. 3 is being levied on the traffic fine payments only. 

Users can make various payments such as Mobile top-ups, internet bill payments, utility bill payments, and Television bill payments; also can book flight tickets without needing to pay additional service charges. To make payments users can add their Visa Debit/Credit cards to MOCO Digital Wallet free of cost.

Users can also make payments to Visa QR codes via the app. There are no additional service charges to Scan to Pay from the MOCO App.

As of Now, MOCO only charges a minimal charge of Rs.3 for the payments of Traffic fine.

Service categories


Mobile Top-ups/ Data


Telecom Bill


Internet Bill Payments


NEA Payments


Khanepani Payment


Flight Ticket Booking


Traffic Fine Payment

Rs. 3

The aforementioned charges are subject to change in the future date. Such a change shall be notified to the public through MOCO’s website or social media platforms.

In the future, the app may charge additional service fees on various payments. The planned service charges on different services for the future date are:

Service categories


Utility Payment(NEA, Khanepani, KUKL)

Up to Rs. 8

School fee Payments

Up to Rs. 12

Government Services Payment

Up to Rs. 18


Up to Rs. 20