One QR Code for All Networks

MOCO’s open-loop, unified QR code, the first of its kind, is a groundbreaking innovation in the field of cross-border and cross-currency transactions within Nepal. This pioneering solution facilitates the acceptance of payments from both domestic and international payment networks through a single QR code, streamlining financial interactions across diverse platforms.

Unified QR Code

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Manage your business with MOCO Merchant Portal. The MOCO Merchant Portal provides a single, centralized platform where you can easily manage various aspects of your business.
  • View transaction in real-time
  • Get Statement Advice
  • Raise Disputes
  • Assign Operators
  • Pre Auth (Pre Authorization) for Alipay
  • Generate your own Dynamic QR Codes
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Get Discovered

Expand your customer base and promote your brand with the Discover Platform within the MOCO App.
  • Target customers based on their location
  • Effectively reach out to potential new customers in your area by offering promotional offers and discounts
  • Increase the chances of potential customer stopping by with location-based targeting
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